Importing Some Nu Pollution Into the DMV!!

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NU POLLUTION….a stand alone blog puttin on for rappers, producers, singers, and artist especially within the DMV…and of course a section for all the interesting things I fukk wit. So if you hot and you in the DMV expect to find yourself on here man.

  Upadated!! After you have downloaded a CD/Mixtape you must right-click on the file and click extract.  This program makes things a lot easier…WINRARxDownload


NIGG@Z!!! OF ’09!!x INFAMU$ L x 2 nu joints from my cuzzo X Smokin…feat. WIZ KHalifa & CuRREN$Y

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SMOKIN…The INFAMU$ ONE Feat. Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y

This second joint is titled ALL.Net.SwAGG.TeAM Feat. Young Slick & POTSIE

12.04.COMMONxco-starringxYeezyxPunchDrunkLovexProduced by The Neptunesx

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ONCE AGAIN…hot sh!t from Common & Kanye…



11.20xLudacrisxTheater of MindxOfficial Sh!t

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LuDA Nu sh!t…this one of his better joints to me.

LudacrisxTheater Of MindxDownload

11.17xWOW!!!xLuda Co-Starring Jigga & NasxI Do It For Hip Hopx

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THIS SH!T IS FUKKIN HOTT!!! Nas need to go hard like this on his album mane…i mean this joint rock but Luda gets out shined on his own track…but nice addtion to his album.  Theater Of Mind, coming real soon.

I Do It For Hip Hop

COOL Grey Jordan Spizike!!!Pretty Dope!

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Hmmm…when these were first released I wasn’t really feeling the style nor layout…but this colorway is pretty hot.

11.17xBeyoncexI Am….Sasha FiercexSomethin for the yungins!!

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Not really a big fan her but if she would sing more instead of spazzing and yelling I might jus give it a listen…but this for the yungins.

BeyoncexI Am Sasha FiercexDownload


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ACE HOOD!! I kno a couple ppl that been waiting on this…he should do aight, got his own style and sound…oh and Cashflow roxx!!